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korean restaurant / [Weekly Gourmet vol.1] Homemade Burger Restaurants: Seoul Edition – 649

When it comes to jagoro burgers
[Weekly Gourmet vol.1] Homemade Burger Restaurants: Seoul Edition

When it comes to jagoro burgers, you can finish it by adding just the right amount of meat patty wrapped in cheese, onions, tomatoes, etc. that enhance the texture, but why? I wonder if it's surprisingly difficult to find a really tasty homemade burger place?

If you only go to the US, you rush to Shook Shook Burger. You are only waiting for the opening of the first Shook Shook Burger in Korea in 2016.

The construction of the Shook Shook Burger store hasn't started yet, but they won't eat burgers in the meantime..? (If you don't eat a burger, it's a big burger)

Let's try this delicious and unique homemade burger from Seoul with our eyes wide open and our mouths wide open.

1. Gangnam Burger's Yangdae Mountains, 'Gilbert Burger & Frise'

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Unlike Korean burgers with sauce, Gilbert's burger has a rich flavor of thick meat, and you can also choose the size of the patty and the degree of baking, so you can enjoy it according to your taste. French fries topped with cheese and crispy onion rings are popular as side dishes, and the mantu eaten as a milkshake dipped in a milkshake is also appealing, so try ordering a milkshake instead of cola!

1452491076019546 Korean BBQ | Korean Food November 28th, 2023

Picture: A blog by Saesakushikamshi

2. “North Shore,” a Hawaiian restaurant with something special

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“Nutella burger” is enough for a reason you should visit this place. The beef patty baked over an open fire is full of Nutella (!) From that to sour cream cheese and strawberry juice, this is truly sweet and salty! This strangely sweet and salty burger, which I personally claim, has even added a fresh flavor, so it's better than I thoughtIt's even tastier The Honey Gorgonzola Burger, which is eaten by sprinkling honey contained in a yellow jar of honey as if it were a pooh, can only be enjoyed here.

1452491754167558 Korean BBQ | Korean Food November 28th, 2023

Source: Sarangcho Love

3. What is the most popular homemade burger these days? “I am a burger”

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I am a burger used a homemade bun to capture both the outside and inside of the burger. This place's signature dish, the Onion & Shrimp Burger, presents a different level of shrimp burger because it contains shrimps full of tangling flavor. It goes particularly well with buns containing squid ink, so be sure to check it out when ordering.

1452492356911574 Korean BBQ | Korean Food November 28th, 2023

Source: Choco Hye's blog

4. “What's Fide,” a Turkish burger made with oven-baked bread

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Pocket pide with the filling inside of “pide”, a traditional Turkish bread, is baked in a hodeok and made into a light bread with no fat, and has a different flavor from traditional burgers. In addition to the thick beef patty and the Cheddar Classic Pocket with plenty of cheddar cheese, a healthy pocket pide with hummus made from ground various beans is also available.

1452492715923578 Korean BBQ | Korean Food November 28th, 2023

Source: Mayu's blog

5. I'm not going to eat it! Tell me yes or no, “yes burger”

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An unexpected new burger appeared! Do I have to grind the meat? A burger with wagyu beef. A chicken burger is a chicken burger… but a burger topped with thai curry. From Mexican-style guacamole to burgers topped with crackers. It's unique, yet somehow appealing, and it feels like it's delicious. There's no wrong flavor that makes you nod, YES BURGER!

1452493141215583 Korean BBQ | Korean Food November 28th, 2023

Source: 'yesburger' Instagram

6. “Smokey Saloon”, the original homemade burger restaurant

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This burger named Ambulance… A feeling comes from the name. A thick beef patty topped with cheese, hash brown, bacon, and even a fried egg from Hualong Jeong! This is a burger shop for those of you who want to grease your stomach today.

1452493349138592 Korean BBQ | Korean Food November 28th, 2023

Source: 'Zoa' blog

7. A homemade burger for 2,500 won? I'm not fishing, 'Burger Buggy. '

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A burger shop that grills domestic beef patties at such a good price! Located near Hanyang University, this is a nice restaurant that takes into account the casual circumstances of students. Cheeseburgers with yellow and yellow visuals are also popular, but garlic burgers with a sweet sauce containing garlic are also popular.

1452493662280601 Korean BBQ | Korean Food November 28th, 2023

Source: 'Kang Minbae''s blog

8. Very Berry Strawberry, not Berry Berry Burger, “Yankee's Burger”
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The very berry burger, whose name is unfamiliar, is a ciabatta bun with blueberry and raspberry sauce made at the store. It feels like a sandwich, has a strong, fresh feel, and the patty and bacon are also relatively light, making fatty burgers popular among women who are burdened with fat.

1452494126903609 Korean BBQ | Korean Food November 28th, 2023

Source: Hwang Kun's blog

9. It's so obvious, but if you miss it, it's less credible, so 'Brooklyn The Burger Joint'
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Brooklyn The Burger Joint, which has a colorful and somewhat rustic interior that seems to have been moved from a hamburger shop in Brooklyn in the 1980s, is very American not only in taste but also in its atmosphere. The thick patty is full of juice, so there is no stickiness at all, and it blends well with fresh vegetables such as onions and tomatoes, and has a great flavor. If you take a full bite, the flavors of the United States will be conveyed as they are.

1452494471436614 Korean BBQ | Korean Food November 28th, 2023

Source: 'On the Table' blog

10. Is this really the first time I've seen it? Macaroon burger, 'Delusion'
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Delicited burgers are colored like the colorful red, yellow, and blue macaroon sticks. The main menu includes all-American BBQ made from ripped pork ribs into patties with eye-catching visuals, and all-Korean BBQ with a rib flavor. There is also a burger made from a waffle bun, which is a new recommended restaurant for those who are tired of similar burgers.

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Source: Walnut Mom's blog



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