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korean restaurant / Welcome the new year with a bowl of hot rice cake soup – 632

The new year of 2016 has dawned. If you're thinking about what to eat for the first meal of the new year, you can't miss the rice cake soup. Cut long white rice cakes, which symbolize health and longevity, into broth that has been carefully boiled over a long period of time and eaten. If the rich, heavy broth and chewy mochi fill your stomach, you won't be afraid of the cold in the middle of winter. Today, the SNS Taste Appraisal Group compiled a list of places that sell delicious mochi soup and places that sell delicious mochi in Seoul for the new year.

1. Since 1968, “Seobuk Myeonok,” a rice cake soup with rich beef bone broth

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Seobuk Myeonok, a gourmet restaurant in Guui-dong, which is widely known as Pyongyang cold noodles, is a long-established store that opened in 1968 and has been operating in Hwasu for 48 years. There is a strong feeling of a gourmet restaurant from the time-honored signboard. When you walk into the restaurant, the first thing you notice is the simple interior, and you see the phrase “Damipildam” attached to one side of the store wall. A really good taste means it must be light. As per the store's slogan, the cold noodles and gyoza sold here are simple and simple. Every winter, mochi soup made by putting rice cake in beef bone broth is sold for a limited time. An honest rice cake soup cooked faithfully to the basics warms the hearts of those who eat it.

2. Jahason dumplings with a taste similar to the atmosphere of Buam-dong

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Handmade dumplings with a friendly exterior made by remodeling a family home. The interior has a small table, room, and terrace seats, so you can sit comfortably according to the nature of the meeting. It was introduced as a gyoza restaurant at last year's Demand Gourmet Party, so it's a good idea to check it out because there is a wait during mealtime. The signature menu here is a clean and crunchy mochi dumpling soup that resembles the atmosphere of Buam-dong. Instead of mochi soup mochi, jorangi mochi is added, and homemade gyoza is added here to boil. The colorful dumplings make you feel good from the first time you encounter the food before eating them.

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â–²Shikigami JHP's review: Non-irritating taste! It's a place where the view of the town from the window blends well with the flavors! â–²Business hours: 11:00-22:00 â–²Location: 245-2 Buam-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul â–²Price range: Rice cake dumpling soup 12,000 won

3. Gae Village, a famous spot in Ichon-dong, famous for rice cake soup

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Gae Village, located in Ichon-dong Food Alley, attracts nearby customers like a sparrow mill in the new year. Put plenty of rice cake soup mochi in the brisket broth and decorate nicely with egg paste and green onions. This is a visual of the rice cake soup you can meet at your grandmother's house in the new year. The soup is light and clean, as if no seasoning was added. If you eat mochi guk mochi and sour kimchi together, a bowl will quickly empty. There are a lot of family customers on weekends, so there may be waits, so it's a good idea to check it out.

4. Delicious wandang rice cake soup “Gangnam gyoza”

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Gangnam Gyoza, located on the alley between Gangnam Station and Sinnonhyeon Station, is located on the 2nd floor, but the interior is always full of customers. Soft kishimen noodles are the signature dish, but in the new year it is crowded with people who want to try mochi soup. The rice cake soup here is made with “wandang,” which is a small bite-sized dumpling, and it goes well with chewy mochi made from domestic ingredients added to the beef bone broth that has been carefully cooked for 6 hours or more. The broth has just the right amount of seasoning, so you can roll up the rice that comes with it and eat it.

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â–²Shikigami Dieter Zeng's review: It's delicious, be sure to go! â–²Business hours: 10:30 ~ 22:00

â–²Location: 1308-1 Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul â–²Price range: Wandang Tteokguk 8,000 won

5. Cute jorangi mochi soup that even children love

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Kaesongjip, an Ebuk food specialty store located in Yongdu Market, is famous for selling rice cake soup made with jorangi, a unique delicacy. Located in a market alley, the store is somewhat narrow and shabby, but its taste alone is inversely proportional to the atmosphere of the store. Using mochi made from domestic rice, the texture of the chewy jorangi mochi is very good. Because of its cute shape, the snowman-shaped rice cake can be eaten deliciously even by children who don't like mochi, so it's a recommended place if you want to enjoy rice cake soup with the whole family.

â–¶ New Year's rice cake soup recommended by Shikigami and restaurants that sell mochi

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