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korean restaurant / Where are the 3 stars introduced in the Michelin Guide Seoul Star Store and Shikishin? – 959

Where are the 3 stars introduced in the Michelin Guide Seoul Star Store and Shikishin?

“Michelin Guide Seoul 2017” Emerging as a new dining trend”

“Shikishin, additional lighting for a premium Korean restaurant with excellent taste and value for money based on user reviews”

The 'Michelin Guide', a guide that provides information on restaurants and hotels around the world, has finally landed in Seoul. It is the fourth publication in Asia after Japan, China, and Singapore, and has received a lot of attention not only from many restaurant industry workers but also from the general public.

The Michelin Guide Seoul contains information on a total of 140 restaurants and 30 hotels, including 24 star restaurants and 36 “Bib Gourmand” restaurants that offer reasonable prices of 35,000 won or less per person. Since the Michelin Guide is famous for strict evaluation criteria such as taste and the level of cooking ingredients, recipes and creativity, value that fits the price, and menu consistency even before publication, I was extremely concerned about whether any store would be selected as a 3 star.

As a result, 3 stars were selected from a Korean restaurant that promotes traditional Korean flavors. The main characters are “Gaon” operated by a major group in Gwangju and “Ra Yeon”, a Korean restaurant at Shilla Hotel. It is a fine dining that interprets food in a modern way while adding traditional recipes to Korean ingredients according to the four seasons. In addition, “Pierre Garnier,” which showcases French cuisine, “Boggan By Lee Jong-guk,” a Korean cuisine with the philosophy of cooking researcher Lee Jong-kuk, and “Kwon Sook Soo,” a new Korean cuisine based on Korean food and added modernism, also received 2 stars.

Some have anticipated the dominance of luxurious Korean fine dining as they value not only the taste but also the service and interior. At the same time, due to a lack of awareness about the “soup” culture, which is essential when explaining Korean food, many traditional powerhouses, such as Woolaeok and Hadonggwan, were not selected is a regrettable point.

In this regard, “Shikishin,” the largest restaurant information app in Korea, similar to the Michelin Guide, you can view “Korean Standard” rated restaurants based on users' reviews and usage behavior analysis every year along with users' reviews. What restaurant is the most popular among the domestic public rather than in the eyes of foreigners?

“Dawn Restaurant,” famous for its grilled beef from Naju, which has a 20-year tradition; “Jinju Jip,” which has a rich bean noodle soup using 100% domestic soybeans; and “Hadonggwan,” a famous Korean beef gomguk soup that has continued its tradition since 1964, are enjoying popularity while maintaining a three-star rating in Shikishin. Other than that, Jeongjang, Mingles, and Suwaniye, which were selected as 1 star in the Michelin Guide Seoul 2017, have received support from many users as 3 star restaurants in Shikshin.

CEO Ahn Byeong-ik of Shikshin said, “The Michelin Guide acts as a great guide for us, but the absolute evaluation criteria for food are determined by each person,” and recommended that when visiting restaurants, we also read authentic reviews from many people rather than focusing on star restaurants.

Meanwhile, Shikishin offers a simple reservation service that can be made with a single click from Shikigin without the hassle of calling or waiting when making a reservation at the desired restaurant. Customers who use Easy Reservation in November are offered generous gifts, such as offering a Pizza Hill package at the Sheraton Walkerhill Hotel by lottery, and details can be found at the Shikigin Service. Shikigami can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play Store, and the website (로도) is available.

[Michelin Guide Seoul 2017 Taste Map]

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[Three Star Korean Restaurant Selected by Shikigami ]

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