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korean restaurant / You miss you even more when it rains, Jeon & Makgeolli Seoul Restaurant 10 – 421

“When the rain falls and the sound and evil flows, I think of you~ oooooooooo~”

Like the lyrics of a sensitive song, there are people who can quickly come to mind from the bottom of the Korean DNA on a day when the weather is bad.

Like eating samgyetang on a lucky day, eating red bean paste on the winter solstice, and eating mochi soup on New Year's Day, these guys must eat it when it rains!

Makgeolli right on the chanjeon.

(Actually, it's a trap to think even when you're clear… if you enjoy eating it, it's zero calories…)

1440472242267866 jpg Korean Food November 29th, 2023

Hwajeong's older sister is hahahaha

Personally, I'm a traditional sake enthusiast, so I think of traditional sake bars that are popping up as much as craft beer these days,

Still, it's a great combination of waves in the rain ♡

(I tried to write Dukhu, but since there are almost no fragments of knowledge left in my sexy brain… the names of the children who drank it were also false…)

1440472258203867 jpg Korean Food November 29th, 2023

A short explanatory poem about each complete collection!

1440472296305870 jpg Korean Food November 29th, 2023

Gwangjang Market is truly a legend. I went to Jeon, but that's where I end up eating gimbap and yukgai lol

I fed a lot of Korean food to my friend who is my cook, but this place is still linked to BEST, probably because of the market alley atmosphere.

Everyone who knows knows it, but… There are so many people and it's a market,

If you want a very clean and quiet restaurant, I recommend just visiting and eating somewhere else.

1440472371083875 jpg Korean Food November 29th, 2023

Have you ever tasted unsweetened, light, and savory makgeolli… Welcome to the new world of makgeolli. Hustle up ~

If you go to tactical rice, you may be greeted.

An acquaintance who accompanied me when I first ate traditional makgei was like that.

If you add cider to this clean makgeolli, which is light and has no sweetness or carbonation, it becomes the sweet and tangy makgeolli distributed by a company that we all know.

It can't be done. It's weird. Just like adding makgeolli to cider. If you have a friend who says something like that, just smile and pass it off. “Hot!”

1440472382628877 jpg Korean Food November 29th, 2023

Comedian Ahn Sun-young did that on TV one day. If you want to “accidentally” meet a good guy, go to a place where men gather.

That's why I left out restaurants that women are passionate about, such as pocha and offal restaurants, hehe

(This person also wrote a dating guide book. Personally, I had fun spring lol)

In that sense, Jeonju Alley may be a land of opportunity for single women in many ways..?

(Guro Digital Complex is.. Due to the nature of the industry, it's an area where the Namcho phenomenon is strong hehe)

1440472407961878 jpg Korean Food November 29th, 2023

Of course, there could be any restaurant that tastes as good or better than this one!

The world is big and there are so many restaurants… it's fun to eat one by one, look for it, and go again and again ♡



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