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Noodle restaurants for gourmand(zero complaints!)

Noodles loved throughout the four seasons as cold noodles with cool soup in summer and hot soup in winter. There are plenty of noodle restaurants supported by noodle lovers who prefer noodles over rice. “One serving like two servings!” Beyond the cost-effectiveness of never making a sound, we introduce a noodle restaurant that boasts God-Sung-bi.

국수맛집대표 Korean Food June 7th, 2023

1. Eunpyeong “가이오 국수” with spicy chives noodles with chives is attractive.

1.가이오국수 hoyoung.jung .94님의 인스타그램 1 Korean Food June 7th, 2023
1.가이오국수 hoyoung.jung.94님의 인스타그램 (1)
1.가이오국수 hoyoung.jung .94님의 인스타그램 2 Korean Food June 7th, 2023
1.가이오국수 hoyoung.jung.94님의 인스타그램 (2)

Eunpyeong “Gaio-guksu” where you eat half of the visuals first. The representative menu is spicy chives noodles, with blanched bean sprouts at the bottom, and thinly sliced pickled radish, fried tofu, noodles, and spicy seasoned chives on top of it, and seaweed flakes are served on top, which looks delicious. The soup that cools down quickly because of chives adds another hot broth in the middle and allows you to eat it warm again. It’s not spicy from the beginning, but when I eat it, I feel spicy, and when I finish eating, I feel spicy inside. The crunchiness of chives and bean sprouts makes the texture alive.

▲ Location

132, Yeonseo-ro, Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul

▲ Business hours

11:30-21:00 (break time 15:00-15:30) / Closed every Sunday


6,500 won for banquet noodles, 7,000 won for bibim noodles, 7,500 won for spicy chives noodles

2. Haengjusanseong Fortress’ “원조국수집” with a strong broth scent hovering at the tip of the nose.

2.원조국수집 yolo oios님의 인스타그램 3 Korean Food June 7th, 2023
2.원조국수집 yolo_oios님의 인스타그램
2.원조국수집 yolo oios님의 인스타그램 2 Korean Food June 7th, 2023
2.원조국수집 yolo_oios님의 인스타그램 (2)

Haengjusanseong Fortress’ original noodle restaurant, where you can taste the rich taste of anchovy broth. With a generous amount, regulars sometimes ask for less when ordering. Chewy noodles make a good harmony with cool and thick anchovy broth. You can add seasoned soy sauce to suit your taste. Bibim-guksu, which is not even visible when vegetables are high, can be mixed with red pepper paste sauce prepared for each table, but it is recommended to mix with plastic gloves rather than chopsticks because it is a large amount. Sweet and sour bibim noodles are delicious even when mixed with kimchi served as a side dish.

▲ Location

10, Haengju-ro 17beon-gil, Deokyang-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do

▲ Business hours

Tuesday–Sun 08:00–20:00 (Last order 19:50) / Regular closing every Monday


6,000 won for banquet noodles 6,000 won for bibim noodles 6,000 won

3. The scale of noodles is different! Jeju Aewol. “옛날국수집.”

3.옛날국수집 hyegong jeju님의 인스타그램 5 Korean Food June 7th, 2023
3.옛날국수집 hyegong_jeju님의 인스타그램
3.옛날국수집 tjsdh37님의 인스타그램 1 Korean Food June 7th, 2023
3.옛날국수집 tjsdh37님의 인스타그램

Jeju Aewol’s “Old Noodle Restaurant,” which closes when the prepared broth is exhausted. The broth made with anchovies and vegetables boasts a strong taste. I can’t believe the price of 5,000 won for noodles served in a large bowl that can’t be covered even with two palms open. Bibim-guksu, which is served with sweetened seasoning with enzymes, is a good combination with onions and lettuce. The double belly is a challenge, and the amount is twice as much and the price is twice as much, but if you eat it all, it is the same price as usual and there is a small event that goes up to the Hall of Fame.

▲ Location

56, Hagwi-ro, Aewol-eup, Jeju-si, Jeju-si

▲ Business hours

08:00-19:00 / Jeju Folk Oil Market Day is closed (2 and 5 days included)


7,000 won for Jeju bean noodles 5,000 won for bibim noodles 5,000 won for banquet noodles 5,000 won

4. Gumi’s “진주국수” is good for hangover.

4.진주국수 mangsooooo님의 인스타그램 2 Korean Food June 7th, 2023
4.진주국수 mangsooooo님의 인스타그램
4.진주국수 mangsooooo님의 인스타그램 1 Korean Food June 7th, 2023
4.진주국수 mangsooooo님의 인스타그램

“Jinju-guksu” in Gumi, which goes well with noodles. The savory broth is thought to be strong at first, but if you eat it with boring noodles, the seasoning fits perfectly and you can enjoy it. The large garnish and cool mixed gourd served as a side dish further enhance the taste of the noodles. If you eat chewy noodles with mixed gourd and drink soup with savory sesame oil, you will fall for it quickly. The texture of the soft noodles and the crunchy texture of the cabbage go well together, so it has a good chew.

▲ Location

16, Gumi Jungang-ro 9-gil, Gumi-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do

▲ Business hours



Bird egg sujebi 7,000 won Special rice balls 6,000 won Kaki Udon 5,000 won

5. Party noodles enjoyed with unlimited refills, Daegu’s “제1국수집”.

5.제1국수집 silvereun1213님의 인스타그램 1 Korean Food June 7th, 2023
5.제1국수집 silvereun1213님의 인스타그램
5.제1국수집 silvereun1213님의 인스타그램 4 Korean Food June 7th, 2023
5.제1국수집 silvereun1213님의 인스타그램

Daegu’s “First Noodle Restaurant” boasts fantastic chemistry with bulgogi. The menu includes banquet noodles, limited meat noodles, and bulgogi, but it is a popular restaurant with waiting. Double and refill are possible without additional amount, but the basic amount is considerable. Bulgogi, which is established as a delicacy of this house due to its combination of sweet and salty, is faithful to the basics and goes well with clean-tasting banquet noodles. It’s soft and moderately well-boiled noodles are also slurping without getting caught.

▲ Location

1st floor, 242, Nowon-ro, Buk-gu, Daegu

▲ Business hours

11:00-15:00 from Monday to Saturday / Closed every Sunday


5,000 won for banquet noodles 6,000 won for meat noodles



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