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Pepero Day / [Pepero Day Single Special] Level 1 Hunting Pocha & Lounge Bar – 544

Why is that guy’s gibberish all over the place these days. Ghost, are you laid-back?

There are four major
events that rapidly cool the hearts of proud singles who are working hard and living well.
Valentine’s Day, White Day, Peppero Day, and Christmas.
One more seasonal event to add is Coming-of-Age Day. As a result of analysis and
judgment with my sober and objective brain, no matter where I look, it’s above, so I promise not to get carried away, but
when I see Instagram full of date shots, a
day like this is toxic

(Log out.)

But it’s true! Being single is a privilege. Half of the world‘s 7.5 billion people are of the opposite sex. There’s only one couple, but there are still endless possibilities for singles. In fact, November 11 in China is
called “Singles’ Day,” or Single (Single) Day, because “1” is like a person standing alone. It is said that the biggest discount
event in China will be held at this time, such as Black Friday in the US
. (Singles can spend money for me on Pepero Day!)

If so, let’s proudly enjoy the privilege of being solo. A new encounter is always exciting. Here are some popular hunting spots that will make your Pepero
Day the most
exciting, with delicious food and good water, with wonderful men and women.

(Of course it’s your choice whether you want to watch the atmosphere or join the hunt!)

“Between Night and Music,” the founder of the sentimental tavern that is still thriving, and “Hanshin Pocha” and “Samgai Pocha ”, the historic capital of the hunting world, and “JJ”, the Arc de Triomphe of Encounters, also
into this

These are still popular places, but hot spots with “good water” change from time to time depending on trends. Here’s a list of hot places where Level 1 water is currently booming. Choose whatever you like. A casual hunting tea and a luxurious lounge bar.

Kisungjeon hunting! A casual hunting car

Hongdae Greenlight Party

The fun atmosphere of dancing and playing is great, but if you don’t feel comfortable being caught and dragged to a crowded club or a night full of waiters, how about a Greenlight Party in Hongdae? If you search for Hunting for Cars on the Internet, it has an overwhelming number of posts these days. Green Light, which boasts a longer line than most clubs, orders snacks at the entrance when entering. A sentimental bar based on the concept of “hunting,” it’s safe to call it a club where tables, drinks, and snacks are more pocha-style than sentimental bars if you just look at the music and lighting. Seonnam Seonnyeo is so pleasing to the eye, and the waits at this place are incredible. What if you’ve been waiting so hard to come in and feel ashamed to approach it yourself? Hunting Officer, call! (Oh, that’s fine, but… it’s OK.)

* Location: 363-12 Seogyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul (near KT&G Sangsangmadang)

* TIP: The light looks like a club, so white clothes seem to stand out the most.

Kondae/Hongdae/Suyu Solopocha

[Photo Source: Hungers_SNS blog]

Solopocha is a really healthy bar where people come and go alone. There is also waiting here, and the waiting line for men and the waiting line for women are separated. Since it’s a pocha based on the concept of “hunting,” they adjust the gender ratio to let them enter. (Let’s put aside the worry that you’ll be disappointed in the men’s or women’s baths after a long wait!) What if you don’t want to wait? If you buy vodka, your night is a sports car with no waiting~ (huh?) The recommended hunting method for men at this place is “if you give a snack to a woman you like at the table, and after staring, the snack comes out, eat together without saying a word.” Hmm. What is the success rate? Let me know if anyone has tried it. If self-hunting is not possible, help hunting is also possible. (Hunting Master resident)

* Location: Kondae Branch, Hongdae Branch, Suyu Branch

* TIP: 50% snacks for female guests on weekdays; even women who bought vodka from the age of 31 cannot enter

Sincheon/Kondae/Moran/Seomyeon Ssangsangpo tea

From the name, there is a strong smell of couple-oriented pocha , but this place is loved not only as a hunting pocha, but also as a gourmet restaurant . The signature menu is a one-meter skewer dish and an all-you-can-eat salad bar . When you order a skewer, the visual that hangs on the table is amazing! (Do you know that ? Women feel better once from the visual appearance of the food and once from the taste ~) Furthermore , it is not a salad bar with only grass or fruit , but a salad bar for real snacks, such as prepared foods , ham, eggs, and ramen that you can cook yourself. So it’s actually a popular place for meetings and dates.

* Locations : Sincheon Branch , Kondae Branch , Moran Branch , Seomyeon Branch

* TIP : 50% discount on women’s table when booking is successful

Itaewon Itaewon Blues

[Photo Source: Itaewon Blues (2taewonblues) blog]

It’s a popular soju restaurant in Itaewon, and it’s a hun, ting, pho, tea. If you just look at the interior, it’s a bit like a mix of modern classics and casual pocha… anyway, the interior is cute and pretty. The space between tables is a bit narrow, and if you come during busy times, there may be waiting times. It says that you can join with the help of the staff, but they only help if you present snacks at the other person’s table. Instead, if they successfully join the group, they will receive a special Itaewon Blues Byeong-gang-soo (Jeong Rik-joo) as a gift. After the checkout, they will give you ice cream for dessert.

* Location: 119-28 Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul (Alley behind Hamilton Hotel)

* TIP: If you post Itaewon Blues on Instagram or Facebook, get a free lemon soju cocktail

Gangnam Station Pandora

[Photo Source: Hwangmari (hwangmari), Naver Blog]

If you want to literally have fun and get along naturally, I recommend Pandora in Gangnam. First of all, there is no burden on the price of alcohol. Women can enjoy unlimited cocktails for 10,000 won and men for 20,000 won. Vodka, Jägermeister, and Jack Daniel’s are also priced at 50,000 won for bottles that require a separate order. A pub with a foreign atmosphere, this place also has a lot of foreign customers, so it has an Itaewon atmosphere rather than Gangnam. There are darts games and a pool table, so if you have a good drink and have fun, you can naturally mingle with people around you. (Then let’s ride a natural thumb!)

* Location: 649 Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (Go straight from Gangnam Station Exit 12 and turn left)

* TIP: Bringing in food outside is allowed; 5,000 won discount for men when entering before 8 o’clock

Gangnam Station Youth Scandal

[Photo Source: CCSCANDAL (ccscandal) Instagram]

Second player in the Gangnam region~, I hope it will be a youth scandal. This place has a very unique structure. Do I have to hope for a live show to be called Pochara? The first floor is like an Amarecan pub and has a stage where live performances are performed. Does the 1.5 floor feel like a cafe? And the 2nd floor is the hunting lounge Pocha we were looking for (?) ~!! (Pabam) In fact, it doesn’t say “Please hunt” anywhere else, but it’s a smart place that naturally creates a hunting atmosphere by mixing men, women, and men and women in order when they guide you to their seats! The music playing in the DJ booth is good, and the laser lighting is also turned up, so how can this not come true! A popular place with group seats and lots of gatherings.

* Location: 1309-9 Seocho-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul (behind Gangnam Kyobo Tower)

* TIP: Busking and rookie idol performances every Friday and Saturday…!!

Sinsa Station Colpocha (COAL)

[Photo Source: coal_est1869 (coal_est1869) Instagram]

If Gangnam Station has a youth scandal, Sinsa-dong has Colpo Cha. Like the name COAL, Colpocha is a modern and sophisticated complex liquor space mixed with mining concepts (?) It’s. As you can see on the signboard, the 2nd floor is full, and the 3rd floor is a bar. This place boasts delicious food and excellent cocktails. (Including visuals, of course.) Salmon salad and taco wasabi wrap are signature dishes loved by women because they don’t have to worry about calories. I’ll say it again and again… Women are weak when it comes to vibes and visuals. If you find someone you like on the 2nd floor, try changing the mood on the 3rd floor without going far!

* Location: 524-15 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

* TIP: The open window overlooks a tree-lined street, so the window seat is perfect in snowy winters!

Luxury lounge bar
, the perfect place for a quiet hunt

Cheongdam-dong Y1975

A slightly unique name Y1975. It’s a lounge bar
run by the older brother of actor Bae
Su-bin (real name: Yun Tae-wook). It’s a simple reason why it’s called
Y1975 because Yun’s man was born in 1975
. Once inside, the
three sharks in the indoor tank stand out the most
. Thanks to its unique interior, it has a dreamy atmosphere that is quite different from other lounge bars and is very popular among women. For an admission fee of 20,000 won, you can order a cocktail or
a bottle of beer from the free drink menu

* Location:
91-3 Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul (near Apgujeong Anse Hospital)

* TEL: 02-544-0197

AY Lounge at Gangnam Station

[Photo Source: AY
LOUNGE (ay8199)
Naver blog]

Even though it just opened, it began to go viral by appearing in various media as a filming location. Satisfaction with cocktails is quite high. Since it’s close to Gangnam Station, it’s
also a popular place for dinners. There is
also a second-floor seat
overlooking the first floor and a private space. Is it true that hunting will take place in a bar with such a calm and classic atmosphere…? If you have any doubts, let’s go check it out. It’s a
hot spot full of attractive men and women, and an elegant encounter may await

* Location: 1st and 2nd basement floor of Jerry’s Planet Hotel,
Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu,

* TEL: 02-552-8199

Itaewon Glam

[Photo Source: District Facebook

If the two places in front are slightly calm and elegant luxury, then Glam and Debridge have a vibrant and bright sense of luxury. Glam became a hot spot from the moment it first appeared in Itaewon, along with word of mouth that water was good. When there are so many people, there are no seats, so you have to stand at the risk of standing. No matter how
cool they are, hoodies are not allowed to enter
. There are dress restrictions, and outside food isn’t even
a cake, so be sure to check when making a reservation for a birthday party

* Location: Hamilton Hotel Annex 2nd Floor,
Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu
, Seoul (
back street of Hamilton Hotel)

* TEL: 02.796.6853

Cheongdam-dong D Bridge (D.BRIDGE)

[Source: D.Bridge
Lounge in Chungdam
Facebook page]

Debridge in Cheongdam-dong, famous for prolonging fatigue from GOD member Park Jun-hyung’s wedding, is a hot spot frequented by
. The
300-square-meter lounge has seats of various shapes and sizes, including bar seats that can be used without a reservation, tables, glass booths, and private rooms. The entrance is on the 4th floor, so you have to go down the stairs to get there right away, but you can see people sitting there at a glance. Of course, people who are already seated
can also see people coming down the stairs.
The first mood scan seems to be over at this point. This place opens its doors at 8 o’clock in the evening.

* Location: 4th Floor,
Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

* TEL: 02-549-2996



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