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Raspberry Banana and Blueberry Macarons

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[Shell (for 8 macaroons)]

– almond powder

– Sugar Powder

– Egg whites

– sugar

– Food coloring


– Unsalted Butter

– Sugar Powder

– whipping cream

– Yogurt Powder

– Blueberries, raspberries, bananas


1. Sift almond flour and sugar powder together.

2. Mix the egg whites until the yellow color disappears andbubbles form, then add sugar.

3. Add sugar and mix until the horns are hard.

4. Add desired food coloring to the finished meringue, addsifted almond powder and sugar powder, and mix until no powder is visible.

5. Adjust the consistency of the dough and put the dough intoa round piping bag.

6. Squeeze the dough on a Teflon sheet to make a round shape.

7. Eliminate air bubbles in the dough, make it flat withoutbending, and dry the dough for more than 30 minutes.

8. If the dough is dry enough not to stick to your hands,bake in a 150 degree oven for 8 minutes and then in a 140 degree oven for 5minutes each.

9. While the baked dough cools down, add yogurt powder to theheated fresh cream and mix.

10. Add powdered sugar to the butter at room temperature andmix well.

11. Add the yogurt mixture to the butter and powdered sugarand mix until thoroughly mixed.

12. After hardening the finished filling in the refrigerator,squeeze the hardened filling onto the cooled meringue dough.

13. At this time, add desired fruits such as blueberries,raspberries, and bananas.

Information on the food we made

What is macaron?

Macaron is a typical round-shaped cookie in France. You cantaste it in various combinations by spreading ganache, jam, filling, buttercream, etc. between the crusts made of meringue. The texture of the crust iscrispy, and the soft and moist filling harmonizes to create a unique taste,texture, and aroma. Macaron is characterized by its colorful and fine colors,and recently, it has been made into fat karon and clam macaron. variousdevelopments are taking place.

The origin of macaron started from the Italian word‘macaroni’. Unlike other cookies, flour is not added and, as the name suggests,it is made by kneading dough and baking it over low heat. There is a theorythat macaron was introduced to France by a cook who accompanied Cadrine deMedicis of an Italian family when she married Henri II of France.

There are countless types of macarons, and you can feel thedifference in taste depending on what ingredients you fill them with. Popularingredients such as chocolate, vanilla, and hazelnut are used, but fruits suchas raspberries, bananas, and blueberries, black sesame seeds, and injeolmi arealso added. Although it is easy to enjoy thanks to its small and round size, itis recommended to be careful when consuming macarons as they are mainly high insugar and contain about 100 kcal per piece.

Types of Macaroons

– Chocolate macaron

– Yellow Cheese Macaron

– Blueberry Macaron

– Injeolmi Macaron

– Red Velvet Macaron

-Quanque Macarons

– Salted Caramel Macaron

What are blueberries?

Blueberries are one of the healthiest ingredients to becounted as one of the world’s top 10 super foods. Thanks to its refreshingtaste and bursting texture, it can be enjoyed by people of all ages andgenders, and it is even more popular because it can be added to various dishes.Blueberries are native to North America, and are currently cultivated in theUnited States, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, and Germany.

Blueberries have a blue color thanks to anthocyanin, which iscontained in blueberries. Usually, fruits are better eaten raw than frozen, butin the case of blueberries, it is better to eat them frozen rather than raw.The reason why frozen blueberries are recommended rather than fresh blueberriesis that the nutritional content increases and the anthocyanin content increaseswhen frozen.

The effects of blueberries include eye health due to theantioxidant component of anthocyanin, constipation due to dietary fiber,prevention of diabetes, prevention of aging, skin care, and prevention of highblood pressure, but excessive intake may have side effects such as diarrhea orabdominal pain. It may not be good for people with weak respiratory systems.Therefore, it is recommended to consume 20 to 25 tablets per day.

Cooking with blueberries

Blueberries are often used as desserts because of their sweetand sour taste. In addition, various recipes have recently emerged.

– Blueberry Salad

– Pie

– Blueberry Compote

– Jam

– Blueberry milk

– Smoothie

– Pancakes

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