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Patriotic Shortbread Cookies: Red, White, and Blue


– Weak flour

– Butter

– Sugar

– Salt

– Corn syrup

– Egg

– Vanilla Extract

– Whipping cream

– Pigments (red, blue)


1. Sieve the soft flour and yolk separately.

2. After softening the butter, add sugar, salt, andstarch syrup and mix.

3. Add the yolks to the butter and add the egg whiteslittle by little to make it creamy.

4. Add soft flour and vanilla extract and mix.

5. Leave the finished dough at room temperature for20 to 30 minutes to ripen.

6. Roll out the dough to a thickness of 0.7~0.8cm andshape it with a square mold.

7. Place in an oven preheated to 180 degrees and bakefor about 15 minutes.

8. We are going to make 3 types of whipped cream inred, blue and white.

9. For the red and blue whipped cream, add the sugarand coloring of each whipped cream and whip.

10. Whip the white whipped cream with only whippedcream and sugar.

11. Put the finished fresh cream into the piping bag.

12. Add one type of fresh cream coloring to eachfinished shortbread cookie.

13. If you have made enough red cookies, bluecookies, and white cookies, arrange them like the Stars and Stripes and put alittle white whipped cream on top of the blue cookies to represent the 50states.

Information on the food we made

Flag of the United States?

Flag of the United States is the flag of the UnitedStates. The 50 stars in the flag represent the 50 states of the United States,including Hawaii and Alaska. So far, the Stars and Stripes have changed 27times, and the number of stars has been increased with each additional week.Depending on the number of stars, the string was also increased, but it wasdifficult to draw a line and the look was not good, so it was returned to theoriginal 13. Even if a state is added, it does not change immediately, but it issaid to be applied to July 4, the American Independence Day. The currentAmerican flag with the 50th star has been in use since July 4, 1960. It is aflag that went through the Cold War era, and at the same time, it is also aflag planted on the moon. If you look closely at the right arms of Americansoldiers or national team players, you can see the stars and stripes invertedleft and right. This is said to be due to the rule that “the position where thestar is located must be at the foremost.” It means to have pride through theatmosphere of advancing by placing the position of the star in the front.

What are cookies?

Cookies are a popular type of Western sweets. Theetymology is the Dutch koekje, kuk.jə, which means small cake.

It is a type of biscuit made by adding sugar, creamedbutter, flour and chemical leavening agent, and adding various favorite foods.Crackers are simply made with flour and leavening agent.

The appearance of cookies is not known exactly, butthe food most similar to the form of cookies appeared in Persia in the 7thcentury, when sugar began to be common. It was known in Europe around the 14thcentury, first encountered in high society, and then popularized through theFrench Revolution in the 18th century. As the discovery of the Americancontinent facilitated the spread of spices, they expanded into foods thatanyone could easily eat.

Types of Cookies

– Dacquoise

– Margaret

– Macaroons

– Butter Cookies

– Saber

– Shortbread Quee

– Oreo

– Gingerbread Man

– Choco Cookies

– Fortune Cookies

What is shortbread?

Shortbread is a representative Scottish cookie and isknown since Mrs McClitok’s ‘Recipes for Cooking and Pastries’, Scotland’s firstcookbook. Shortbread has a crumbly texture and is made from flour, butter, andsugar. After rolling the dough with a rolling pin and cutting it into thedesired shape, bake it in the oven to make shortbread. Nowadays, shortbreadsare flavored with chocolate, ginger, or ground almonds, but traditionalshortbreads contain nothing but caraway seeds.

In the early days, shortbread had a firm texture byadding sugar and spices to a double-baked roll. At this time, an expandingagent was used, but these days, butter is used instead of an expanding agent, soyou can feel a much softer and savory flavor.

Shortbread is a trend that is eaten a lot in England,Canada, Australia and New Zealand beyond Scotland. So far, in Scotland,shortening and margarine are not used, butter is used, and additives other thanchocolate or spices are not added.

Kind of shortbread

Shortbread has a slightly different taste and shapedepending on various additives, so we looked into what types there are.

– Almond Shortbread

– Chocolate Shortbread

– Millionaire Shortbread

– Zette Shortbread

– Caramel Shortbread


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