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seoul restaurant / The taste of Seongsu-dong found at the threshold of summer / seoul restaurant – 20

Even when it’s cool in the morning and evening, I get sweaty in the middle of the day when the sun shines on me. The weather is perfect for a walk these days when it’s neither too hot nor too cold. If you want to feel the smell and color of green greenery, you don’t have to go far in a car. If you take the subway to ‘Seoul Forest’ station, you’ll find a park where you can enjoy a casual walk and date. Located in Seongsu-dong, this is Seoul’s Central Park, which boasts a variety of facilities, such as a culture and art park, an ecological forest where you can feel nature, and a wetland ecological park where you can experience wetlands. On the threshold of this sunny summer, let’s go for a walk in Seoul Forest with your family or partner. It would be great to go with restaurants in Seongsu-dong that were highly recommended by social media users.




1. Brunch in Ttukseom seoul restaurant

The area around the Manhattan Bridge in Brooklyn, New York, was an important industrial area in New York from the 19th to the 20th century. Since then, major companies have moved to other cities or countries due to the contraction of the industrial industry. At some point, poor artists began to gather one by one in this place where only small factories and warehouses maintain their reputation, and a unique area where industry and art coexist was born. He was also nicknamed âDumbo.â Rusty Iron Inn Dumbo is a popular spot located in Seongsu-dong, similar to Dumbo in New York. Art from New York is displayed all over the stores that sell pizza, panini, shaved water, and coffee, so you don’t get bored. Panna Cotta Café is famous for its shaved ice (9,800 won), dumbocino (4,500 won), and spinacci tortilla pizza (9,000 won).


1416880977018652 Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

1416880980258653 Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

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â²Sunshine Joa review: On a day off, I borrow a book from the library and read it at the Rusty Iron Inn Dumbo Cafe in front of my house~ â¡ â²Business hours: Weekdays from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. (until 10:00 p.m. on Sundays) â²Price range: 3,500 won to 10,000 won â²Location: 30-1 Wangsimni-ro 14-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul





2. A visit to Seongsu-dong Rib Alley /seoul restaurant

The Ttukseom area in Seongsu-dong used to be a suitable place for raising horses nationally because there were many grasses. Because of this, the home of the horse racing park currently located in Gwacheon was Ttukseom. From this time on, Ttukseom had meat restaurants where you could eat cheap, high-quality pork ribs, and gradually many houses gathered to form a rib alley. This rib alley has slightly different types of charcoal and side dishes that go with it, and Daesung spareribs are characterized by serving seasoned crab and kimchi stew with plenty of meat. Pork ribs are more like raw ribs than caramelized ones that are commonly thought of. As popular as it is, you must wait at least 30 minutes when visiting. Parking space is limited, so you have to use public transportation or an outside parking lot.


â²A review from Beautiful Days of Food: Pork ribs are delicious, but the crab that comes as a side dish doesn’t go to the crab shop, and kimchi stew comes as a standard dish, but there are a lot of portions â²Business hours: 12:00 noon to 10:00 p.m. â²Price range: 9,000 won â²Location: 27, Seongsu-dong 4-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul (668-21 Seongsu-dong 1-ga)





3. Eco-friendly Italian restaurants to visit with the family /seoul restaurant

Ieum, a restaurant created by Univera, whose motto is âThe Benefits of Nature for Humanity,â is an eco-friendly restaurant that uses carefully selected organic, pesticide-free, and antibiotic free ingredients. Impressive with its high ceilings and clean interior, the food, tableware, and interior are all designed with eco-friendly concepts based on the theme of healthy food culture. The Steinway piano, which is located in the corner of the store as soon as you enter, is a great photo zone for customers visiting this place. If you sit in a duplex space and look at the menu, it’s interesting to see menu configurations not commonly found in regular Italian restaurants, such as sesame leaf oil pasta and apple brie cheese pizza. Famous places include savory blue crab cream pasta flavored with blue crab meat (20,900 won), tenderloin salad with blue cheese dressing (21,900 won), fresh dough, natural cheese, and apple brie cheese pizza (20,900 won). Every day, for the first 10 people, you can find today’s lunch menu for 9,900 won, so it’s a good idea to check it out.


1416880959443649 Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

1416880965158651 Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

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â²Shikigami Sarang takes the subway review: Although the amount is a little small, it’s organic, so you can eat it with confidence! â²Business hours: 11:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. â²Price range: 18,000 won to 50,000 won â²Location: 78 Achasan-ro, Seongdong-gu, Seoul (302-4, Seongsu-dong 2-ga 1-dong)





4. A representative restaurant in Seongsu-dong that has been loved for over 30 years/seoul restaurant 

The famous Gamjatang, located near Seongsu Station, is a popular Gamjatang restaurant that has been operating in the same place for over 30 years. This place, which has a unique menu name âpotato soupâ rather than gamjatang, is famous for its refreshing and savory soup rather than a soup that is too rich or thick with perilla powder. If you order potato soup (7,000 won), it contains 2 to 3 large pork backbones, which are cooked well and the meat is coated with sardines. The smooth texture of the rice, fresh vegetables, and the special sauce that goes with it create a good harmony with the main menu. The popular Gamjatang has recently been expanded and remodeled, so you can enjoy a more clean and cool meal.


â²Eating a pack of shikigin review: The lightest gamjatang I’ve ever eaten. It’s delicious. Go straight into the alley in front of Seongsu Station Exit 4. â²Business hours: Open 24 hours â²Price range: 7,000 won to 32,000 won â²Location: 45 Yeonmujang-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul (315-100 Seongsu 2-ga 3-dong)





5. Famous tteokbokki in Ttukseom (link)/seoul restaurant

The unique name that will clearly remain in your memory once you hear âTukmochiâ has the simple meaning of âmochi in Ttukseom.â Unlike regular food stalls, âTukmochi,â which has a vintage atmosphere, is particularly popular among young people due to its cute interior, unique accessories, and casual fusion flavors. The small shop, which has only three tables, always has no place to sit, and it’s because the owner’s deep philosophy, from ingredients to seasoning secrets, is imbued with it. In particular, the strict ingredients that make my mother-in-law cry are made only from the company that the boss personally tasted and selected, and they use fresh ingredients purchased that day. If ingredients cannot be supplied due to unforeseen circumstances, the menu itself will not be sold. âYangman-tuâ (3,500 won), the most famous menu item in âTukmochi,â is short for âdeep-fried seasoned dumpling,â and has a sweet and spicy flavor like chicken gangjeong. Menus such as âtteokbokkiâ (3,500 won), which features a bowl full of tteokbokki soup, âcream mochiâ (5,000 won), which has a rich cream sauce containing onions and bacon, and rice balls (3,500 won) that neutralize the spiciness are also popular.


1416880923726645 Korean Food September 22nd, 2023

Image source: Tukmochi’s official Facebook


â²Shikishin University Student Imda review: I’m totally addicted to wheat tteokbokki and yangmantu! I want to visit again~ â²Business hours: 11:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. â²Price range: 3,500 won to 5,000 won â²Location: 22-1, Seongsu-dong 6-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul (668-20 Seongsu-dong 1-ga)





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