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Spicy chicken feet for stress! 5 Chicken Feet Restaurants in Seoul

Once addicted to spicy taste, it is hard to get out of it. Among them, chicken feet is one of the popular red-flavored foods because it has a chewy and chewy texture and can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, such as charcoal-grilled chicken feet, soup chicken feet, and boneless chicken feet. From charcoal-grilled chicken feet with a chewy texture and a subtle cut, to chicken feet with soup that is richly enjoyed with bean sprouts. Here are five chicken feet restaurants in Seoul that keep reminding you of spicy taste.

The original chicken feet of Dongdaemun University.

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Hyungodae Chicken Feet, the origin of chicken feet, is headquartered in Dongdaemun and currently has chains in Sadang, Yeongdeungpo, and Donam. Chicken feet cooked directly on the grill are the original chicken feet and soft chicken feet, so you can choose the spicy level, and it is fun to eat rice balls in a circle with chicken feet. At a very low price of 8,500 won per person, you can eat without any burden even if you go alone or with many people. In particular, Sadang branch is often visited by Soyou, known as a professional chicken baler, and is also called Soyou Chicken Feet.

▲ Location

3, Jegi-ro 2-ga-gil, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul

▲Business hours

13:00–23:00 (regular closing every Sunday)

▲ Menu

Original chicken feet 8,500 won / Easy chicken feet 8,500 won

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Sadang Station Duri Chicken Feet with Spicy Chicken Feet.

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Duridakbal, located near Exit 4 of Sadang Station, is famous for its savory spicy taste, unlike other spicy foods with a tingling tongue. It offers two types of chicken feet, soup chicken feet and charcoal-grilled chicken feet, and in addition to chicken feet, there are also various menus such as cartilage, duck duruchigi, and fire squid, so it is a good place to go first. Delivery is also possible here, so let’s meet comfortably with delivery for those living nearby.

▲ Location

782nd floor, Namhyeon 3-gil, Gwanak-gu, Seoul

▲ Business hours

17:00–24:00 (regular closing on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of each month)

▲ Menu

Soup Chicken Feet Set KRW 24,000

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The famous chicken feet restaurant in Sindang-dong. Jae Gu’s chicken feet.

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Jaegu’s chicken feet, a famous chicken feet restaurant in Sindang-dong. As soon as you enter the entrance, Jaegu’s chicken feet, which is full of affection, is a small space with only five tables, but it is always crowded with people because you can taste various menus at a low price. Jaegu’s chicken feet, a chicken feet restaurant that has been introduced at the Wednesday Food Talk, are grilled by the owner himself over a briquette fire in front of the store at the same time as ordering. If you want to eat chicken feet with a light charcoal scent at an affordable price, you won’t regret it.

▲ Location

26, Toegye-ro 86-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul

▲ Business hours

24 hours a day


Bone-free chicken feet 15,000 won

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Noryangjin’s cost-effective chicken feet restaurant. Chicken feet restaurant.

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The chicken feet restaurant is located in the middle of Jangseungbaegi Station and Noryangjin Station. It is enough for three people to order one because of the large amount. It is located in an old building, so the bathroom feels somewhat uncomfortable, but once you taste the chicken feet, you can even accommodate it. In addition to chicken feet, there are various menus such as poop restaurant, cartilage, spicy pork, and stir-fried squid, but considering that the name of the restaurant is chicken feet, the most delicious menu is chicken feet, so let’s order chicken feet as a must.

▲ Location

123-12, Jangseungbaegi-ro, Dongjak-gu, Seoul

▲ Business hours


▲ Menu

Chicken feet 14,000 won

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The spicy chicken feet restaurant in Hippjiro, Hwajukgye.

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Hwayukgye, a place where you can enjoy chicken feet in a sensuous interior like a store located in Hippji-ro. It has a stylish interior like a cafe, so many couples visit on dates. There is a small brazier on each table, and you can enjoy it more deliciously if you put the raw chicken feet on the brazier and add one more fire taste. We also recommend flying fish roe rice balls and thick monster egg rolls, which are good to eat with chicken feet, so let’s try them with chicken feet.

▲ Location

21, Eulji-ro 14-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul

▲ Business hours


▲ Menu

boneless chicken feet 14,500 won

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