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Spring Cupcakes with Fat-Free Frosting Recipe


Chocolate flower decoration

 – White, Strawberry,Grape, Green tea Chocolate

Fat Free Frosting

 – Fat-free milk powder

 – Fat-free milk

 – Pigment


 – Weak flour

 – Butter

 – Egg

 – Vanillaextract

 – Sugar

 – Bakingpowder

 – Cooking oil

 – Milk


1. Separate the eggs into yolks and whites.

2. Mix the yolk and sugar sufficiently, add milk,cooking oil, butter, and vanilla extract and mix again.

3. Add soft flour and baking powder and mix again.

4. Form the meringue in a new bowl. Add the separatedwhites and sugar and mix.

5. Mix the finished meringue in 3 times.

6. Line the parchment paper on the cupcake mold andpour the dough into it.

7. Bake in an oven preheated to 170 degrees for 20minutes.

8. We will make fat-free frosting and flowerdecorations for cupcakes.

9. Add non-fat milk powder, non-fat milk, andcoloring and mix.

10. The consistency should not be too thin or thick,so adjust it with milk and powder.

11. Store in the refrigerator for about 60 minutes tocomplete the frosting. Put the finished frosting into the Cake Piping bag.

12. Melt the white chocolate and put it in the CakePiping bag.

13. Lay out the vinyl and draw petals on it.

14. Melt strawberries, grapes, and green teachocolate in the same way and put them in a cake piping bag to decorateflowers.

15. Keep in the refrigerator until the cupcakes aredone.

16. When the cupcakes are finished, put the frosting you made on top and finish with a flower decoration on top.

Information on our food

What is Cupcake?

Cupcakes, a type of cake, are said to have originatedfrom muffins. In England, muffins are called fairy cakes and they are said tohave been served as treats. Muffins developed as they crossed over to theUnited States, and butter, cheese, spices, and coloring were added to make theshape and taste pretty, and the shape resembled a small cake, so the namecupcake was born. Cupcakes are also eaten simply with tea, but unlike cakes,they are small in size, so they are suitable for one person to eat and are easyto carry, so they are said to have become popular.

What is Frosting?

Frosting is a sugar mixture used to fill and coatfoods such as cakes and cookies. Frosting is made by mixing various ingredientssuch as milk, fresh cream, and powdered sugar, and should be soft and easy toapply. Non-fat milk powder and non-fat milk are also used to make fat-freefrosting.

What is Chocolate?

Chocolate is a kind of sweet-tasting snack made byadding sugar to cacao mass refined from cacao beans. The etymology is derivedfrom chocolate, which means bitter water in Nahuatl, a drink made from cacaobeans and red pepper by the Mexican Messica. For reference, chocolate mold isvery bitter, so it’s good to taste it carefully.

Chocolate is hardened into a solid, or powdered intoa liquid to drink, and is used as an ingredient in many desserts. Just like thechocolate cookies we made today.

Cacao, the raw material of chocolate, was used as adrink or medicine by Mexican natives, calling cacao beans, the seed of cacao, agift from God, and was also used as currency. Later, European explorers encounteredit and became known to the West. At that time, it was very bitter because nosugar was added and was drunk only in beverage form, so it was said to be verydifferent from chocolate in solid form today. At that time, there was no sugarin America, so it is said that people enjoyed the spicy and bitter taste byadding red pepper. After being introduced to Europe, people started drinking itwith sugar to reduce the bitter taste. In the 1800s, manufacturing technologywas developed in the Netherlands and spread to other countries. After that, itwas made into the same shape as today’s milk chocolate by Daniel Peter andHenri Nestlé in Switzerland.

Types of Chocolate

Chocolate is classified according to various criteriasuch as taste, material, and shape. Today, we are going to look at the typesaccording to taste.

– Dark Chocolate:

– Milk chocolate

– White chocolate

– Ruby Chocolate

– Ganache

– Praline Chocolate


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