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Strawberry Vanilla Ice Cream Duo


– Milk

– Sugar

– Whipping cream

– Vanilla bean

– Strawberry



1. Put milk and vanilla beans in a pan and heat over lowheat.

2. After straining through a sieve, add fresh cream and mix.

4. Prepare strawberries by crushing them.

5. Add sugar to fresh cream and mix while whipping whilepouring milk.

6. Add the crushed strawberries in step 5 and mix.

7. Put the vanilla ice cream base of 2 and the strawberry icecream base of 6 in an ice cream maker and turn them for about 30 minutes.

8. You can decorate with cookies, wafers, syrup, etc.


Information on the food we made

What is Ice Cream?

A dessert made by freezing a mixture of ingredients such asmilk, sugar, eggs, and spices. It is largely divided into hard and soft icecream, and infinite combinations are possible depending on the ingredientsused. When it snowed in BC, when there was no ice-making technology, ‘Sorbet’,which was preserved and mixed with spices, is presumed to be the first form ofice cream.

The modern form of ice cream came from England in the 18thcentury. Soft ice cream containing dairy products was invented and the snack culturewas greatly developed. Soft ice cream is characterized by different degrees ofsoftness depending on the air content. The higher the air content, the softerit is, but it has the disadvantage that it melts quickly.

The biggest advantage of ice cream is that it can come in avariety of flavors depending on the spices that are added. Representatively,vanilla flavor with vanilla bean, chocolate, and strawberry are popular, andice cream with spices such as mint and pepper also exists. .


Types of Ice Cream

Ice cream that is liked by men and women of all ages becauseit is sweet and soft, there are various types of ice cream depending on theingredients and shapes.

– Soft Cream Ice Cream

– Sorbet

– Hard

– Cone Ice Cream

– Gelato

– Dondurma

– Neapolitan Ice Cream

– Shaved ice

– Affogato


What are Strawberries?

Strawberry is the fruit of a perennial plant of the Rosaceaefamily of dicotyledonous plants, and is a fruit very familiar to modern peoplewith its red and sweet flesh. It has a unique fresh and sweet taste, a softtexture, and the advantage of being easy to eat in one bite because there areno seeds.

As for strawberries, French botanist Amédée François Frezierintroduced wild strawberry seeds from Chile to France, and the original strawberriesfor cultivation were obtained by crossing Chilean strawberries with wildstrawberries from Virginia, North America.

Strawberries for cultivation are estimated to have beenintroduced to Korea in the 1920s, and since they were first brought to Japan forornamental purposes through the Netherlands, strawberry cultivation began inMilyang-si, Gyeongsangnam-do for the first time.

In Korea, strawberries are mainly produced in winter and areknown as ‘winter fruits’.

Strawberries are very high in vitamin C and contain metalsalicylic acid, which has an anti-inflammatory action, and is effective inpreventing adult diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, andcardiovascular diseases. did. To meet the recommended daily amount of vitaminC, you need to consume one cup of vitamin C per day.


Strawberry Foods

Strawberries serve as licorice in many foods with theirunique refreshing and sweet taste. Some popular dishes made with strawberriesinclude:

– Strawberry milk

– Strawberry jam

– Strawberry cake

– Strawberry smoothie

– Campotte

– Strawberry Pie

– Strawberry Glutinous Rice Cake (Strawberry Mochi)

– Strawberry Cupcakes

– Strawberry Remington

– Strawberry Crepe

– Strawberry Pancakes

– Strawberry Tiramisu

– Strawberry bar chocolate


Variety of Strawberry Varieties

Strawberry varieties are being improved through seedimprovement and research for more delicious strawberries.

– Arihyang

– Vitaberry

– Six steps

– Jukhyang

– Gold thread

– Mary Queen

– Janghee

– Ice cap

– Seolhyang

– Kingsbury

– Golden Bell

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