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Green peppers dish stuffed with wild rice and mushrooms

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– Bell pepper(can be replaced with paprika)

– Ground pork

– Wild Rice(Wild Rice)

– Mushroom

– Zucchini

– Onion

– Green Onion

– Salt andpepper

– Olive oil

– Cheese



1. Cut bellpepper in half lengthwise based on the top, remove seeds, and wash.

2. Cook in theoven until soft and not soft.

3. Cut the zucchini,onion, mushroom, and green onion into small pieces and fry them in a frying panwith olive oil.

4. Put theground pork in a frying pan and stir-fry.

5. Wash wildrice under running water.

6. Put thewashed wild rice in a pot at a ratio of 1:3 (rice 1:3 water) and simmer overmedium-low heat for 50 minutes.

7. Mix theprepared wild rice, pork, and vegetables, season with salt and pepper, put themin bell peppers, top with cheese, and bake in the oven for another 5 to 10minutes.


Informationon the food we made

What iswild rice?

Wild rice isknown as ‘wild rice’, a must-eat food ingredient before dying. Although thename contains the name rice, it is actually not rice, but refers to an aquaticplant native to North America. It has been eaten by humans since prehistorictimes and appears to have been an important food source, particularly forNative Americans. In English, it is also called Canadian rice, water oat, ormarsh oat.


Wild rice isrich in protein, vitamins and minerals, and is also known as a food known forits excellent antioxidant effect. It is bottled with various vegetables andenjoyed as a salad, or used in pilaf or soup. It is also mixed with honey andeaten as a hot cereal similar to oatmeal.


Wild rice isalso known for its firm texture and flavor of grass and nuts, although somevarieties have an earthy flavor like wild mushrooms. When cooked, it has aslightly chewy texture, which is why it is mixed with other ingredients to makestuffing and stuffed with bell peppers.


Because it hasan earthy flavor, it tastes even better when mixed with mushrooms and nuts.Let’s look at various dishes using wild rice.


Wild RiceDish

– Salad

– Chicken soup

– Bell pepperstew

– Curry Rice

– Multigrain rice

– Pilaf

– Serial


What aremushrooms?

Mushrooms areplants that usually grow in shady ground or rotting trees. Ancient peopleregarded it as ‘the provender of mother earth’ or ‘incarnation’ of ‘fairy’ thatmakes the land fertile, and was edible or used for medicinal purposes due toits unique flavor and taste. . However, it was also feared due to poisonousmushrooms that sometimes took lives.


Mushrooms arewidely used in cooking to this day for their variety and flavor. In moderntimes, artificial cultivation of edible mushrooms such as button mushrooms,shiitake, oyster mushrooms, wood ears, and mushrooms is greatly developed, anddemand for mushrooms is increasing as they are recognized for their nutritionaland medicinal value. In general, edible mushrooms with good taste contain aminoacids, mannites, trehalose, etc., and are recognized as health foods becausethey contain various vitamins and enzymes. Recently, it has been found thatshiitake has a special component that suppresses the accumulation ofcholesterol, and studies are in full swing to anticipate high blood pressureprevention or to find anti-cancer substances in various types of mushrooms.Therefore, in addition to its edible value, its medicinal value is alsorecognized.


Types ofmushrooms


Mushrooms asedible have been recognized for their unique flavor, taste, and nutritionalvalue depending on the type, and are used in various ways in food. So, today weare going to look at the different types of mushrooms.


– Throat Mushroom

– Mushroom

– Oriolemushroom

– NeungiMushroom

– Mushroom

– Matsutake

– Oystermushroom

– Enoki mushroom

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