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Valentine’s Day / A romantic Valentine’s day for you and me – 125

Send in advance for Dr. Joben’s Valentine’s Day at Sinsa Station Gourmet


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1423806208836072 jpg Korean Food December 5th, 2023





Dr. Joben Location/Exterior



Take Exit 7 of Sinsa Station (Line 3) and cross the China Eastern Airlines building


If you turn left and go straight forward- you’ll see Dr. Joben.


First of all, there’s some distance from the bustling Sinsa-dong Garosu-gil


I liked the quiet and quiet atmosphere.



1423806256831074 jpg Korean Food December 5th, 2023


Dr. Joben’s interior


The tables for 2 and 4 people were all neatly set up.


On an all-black table and chair


Score points with sparsely arranged red chairs.





1423806295139076 jpg Korean Food December 5th, 2023

1423806307165077 jpg Korean Food December 5th, 2023






The interior is toned down to black


Bling Bling wine glasses placed on every table


An atmosphere that brightens up a somewhat heavy atmosphere.


Well, now I feel like I’ve come to a restaurant at Sinsa Station.


1423806329303078 jpg Korean Food December 5th, 2023



Dr. Joben Price/ Menu


I saw a lot of dishes that mainly used seafood,


The kitchen is located in an open space so you can actually watch the cooking process


I was able to watch the spectacular fire show over my shoulder.


Thanks to this, a delicious smell that stimulates the sense of smell has spread far and wide.


Accordingly, we ordered a seafood dish.


They also sell quite a few types of wine and alcohol


I think it’s easy to find something that suits your preferences.





1423806356646079 jpg Korean Food December 5th, 2023





Beer is in full swing between me and my surroundings these days.


All of them were selling bottled beers rather than taps,


There are quite a few different types of IPA.



1423806377542080 jpg Korean Food December 5th, 2023





The beer she chose without any trouble was Indica IPA 10,000.


And one is Widmer Brothers Alchemy Ale 10,000 which I chose after being recommended .


“Alchemy” is a Widmer Bros. IPA containing hops and has a concentration of 5.8%.


Other pale ales from Widmer Brothers are mixed with 2 to 3 types of hops, but


This Alchemy Ale is said to be a single hop beer that contains only one Alchemy.



1423806398284081 jpg Korean Food December 5th, 2023

1423806470581084 jpg Korean Food December 5th, 2023





The one on the left, which is a little darker copper, is Alchemy IPA.


Indica IPA, which has a fresh orange scent and is somewhat fresh and heavy at the same time, is on the right side.


At Dr. Joben, they serve not only wine but also beer in wine glasses like this.



1423806451199083 jpg Korean Food December 5th, 2023





I’m ready to enjoy it.


Now, take a look.


1423806490732085 jpg Korean Food December 5th, 2023





Boqueria 40,000


Boqueria is a Spanish-style stir-fried seafood dish.


Thanks to flambeying at the same time that our order came in


All the fishy smell of the seafood was removed, and the flavor was increased.


It mainly included octopus, shrimp, abalone, and clams.



1423806525249087 jpg Korean Food December 5th, 2023





Octopus arranged in columns on an oblique line.


I liked the chewy texture, so it took more effort than the other ingredients.





1423806540624089 jpg Korean Food December 5th, 2023





Abalone is always right, even if it’s not Valentine’s Day.


After all, it was even better because it had a chewy texture and a golden aroma.





1423806561356090 jpg Korean Food December 5th, 2023

1423806569949091 jpg Korean Food December 5th, 2023




A shrimp that has been eaten whole with its golden skin.


A bit of salad and dried berries (berries) were also served under the shrimp.




1423806598261093 jpg Korean Food December 5th, 2023





It’s also fun to eat whole olives in the middle.


We love olives so much that we compete to eat them…


1423806623516094 jpg Korean Food December 5th, 2023

1423806636515097 jpg Korean Food December 5th, 2023

1423806646203098 jpg Korean Food December 5th, 2023





Tomato sauce crockpot pasta with seafood 25,000


As the name suggests, tomato pasta served in a heavy earthenware pot.


After all, there were seafood such as mussels and shrimp inside,


Details were added with yellow edible flowers.



1423806665421100 jpg Korean Food December 5th, 2023





I‘m sorry for the octopus, but…


A cut that looked very appetizing.


The chewiness of chewing on plump flesh is appealing.



1423806680217102 jpg Korean Food December 5th, 2023





After all, pasta is rolled up and fits in one bite-


The reality is slurping after the setup shot above-



1423806694900105 jpg Korean Food December 5th, 2023





The sauce was spicy, probably because I used a lot of peperoncino.


For that reason, pasta seemed to be more suited to Korean tastes.


The flavor is moderately rich yet heavy.


I don’t think it was perfect to enjoy with beer.



The Valentine’s Day I spent in advance like this was at Dr. Joben, a gourmet restaurant at Sinsa Station










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