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Vanilla and Chocolate Pizzelle Wafer Cookies

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– butter

– sugar

– egg

– Vanilla Extract

– Gravity

– Cocoa powder

– salt



1. Bring the butter out to room temperature in advance tomake it soft.

2. Add sugar to the butter in step 1 and mix, then add eggsand mix.

3. Add vanilla extract, all-purpose flour, cocoa powder,baking powder, and salt to the ingredients of 2 and mix.

4. Spread thinly on a preheated picelle pan.


Information on the food we made

What is Picelle?

It is a type of Italian pancake. It boasts a crispy textureby frying thinly, and the surface of the cracker is pressed into a shape with acomplex design. It is easy to understand if you think of a waffle pan.Depending on the ingredients and preparation method, picelle can be made hard,crispy, or soft and chewy. And it is characterized by being able to mold intovarious shapes depending on the picelle fan you have.

Well-baked picelles will keep for up to two weeks if you waituntil the cookies have cooled completely, then store them at room temperaturein an airtight container or zippered storage bag. By slightly changing therecipe, you can make ‘Chocolate Picelle’, which is made by mixing chocolatepowder into the dough and coating it with chocolate flavor, or ‘VanillaPicelle’, which adds vanilla extract.


Types of Picelle

– Chocolate Picelle

– Vanilla Picelle

– Cannoli Creme Picelle

– Hazelnut Picelle


What is chocolate?

Chocolate is a kind of sweet-tasting snack made by addingsugar to cacao mass refined from cacao beans. The etymology is derived fromchocolate, which means bitter water in Nahuatl, a drink made from cacao beansand red pepper by the Mexican Messica. For reference, chocolate mold is verybitter, so it’s good to taste it carefully.


Chocolate is hardened into a solid, or powdered into a liquidto drink, and is used as an ingredient in many desserts. Just like thechocolate cookies we made today.


Cacao, the raw material of chocolate, was used as a drink ormedicine by Mexican natives, calling cacao beans, the seed of cacao, a giftfrom God, and was also used as currency. Later, European explorers encounteredit and became known to the West. At that time, it was very bitter because nosugar was added and was drunk only in beverage form, so it was said to be verydifferent from chocolate in solid form today. At that time, there was no sugarin America, so it is said that people enjoyed the spicy and bitter taste byadding red pepper. After being introduced to Europe, people started drinking itwith sugar to reduce the bitter taste. In the 1800s, manufacturing technologywas developed in the Netherlands and spread to other countries. After that, itwas made into the same shape as today’s milk chocolate by Daniel Peter andHenri Nestlé in Switzerland.


Types of Chocolate

Chocolate is classified according to various criteria such astaste, material, and shape. Today, we are going to look at the types accordingto taste.


– Dark Chocolate:

– milk chocolate

– white chocolate

– Ruby Chocolate

– Ganache

– Praline Chocolate

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